This is an experimental short film to test the video capability of the iPhone 3Gs. iPhone only has a very basic implementation of video. The only option, apart from the Start/Stop recording button, is to touch the targeted area on screen to focus. After shooting, you can trim the scenes in the phone itself.
There is very little colour grading done as the purpose of the video is to demonstrate the true capability of iPhone. Besides vignetting and some simple editing effects, the images are largely left alone. I also did not use any rig, tripod or stabilizer. Where possible, I tried to steady myself with a tree or railings. Most shots were done handheld while on rolling wheels. I was on my K2 skates throughout the whole shoot. Video was cropped to 640 x 360 from default 640 x 480 to obtain the widescreen look.
I feel that Apple has done a good job considering iPhone’s tiny little lens and CMOS sensor. The auto-focus, auto-exposure and colour balance are well engineered and I hardly feel the need to do grading in post (using Final Cut Pro and ProRes).
The best thing about the iPhone though is its ability to get unobtrusive shots which will be difficult or impossible with a large camera. Plus we can carry the phone at all times and start shooting any moment.
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